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Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate


Sri Bhadra Catering

Taste Of Travancore...

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Traditional Taste

One Cannot Think Well, Love Well, Sleep Well, If one has not "DINED WELL" ...


Food Ever

"Fresh, Delicious Food + Service that sparkles!"



From flatwares to flowers, lighting to linens and tables to tunes, everything should complement the food to create a unified overall experience. This is what Sri Bhadra Catering Service offers you.

Sri Bhadra catering service provides catering services for wedding, parties, conventions, banquets and other occasions. Catering is all about satisfying all the senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. With correct atmosphere, we can appeal to all these senses in a way that make your event special and memorable. We satisfy all our clients with food as a focal point. With enough dedication and perseverance, we give you an elegant and intriguing presentation of catering service . With enough dedication and perseverance, we give you an elegant and intriguing presentation of catering service.

  • Your guests will be amazed and impressed, at the beautiful presentation of the traditional buffet at your special event.
  • Style and Elegance...at Affordable Prices. Let each course bring a new pleasure to their palates, as they are serviced with the utmost style and professionalism available
  • We adds flavour to the festivities whether at home, office or mandapam. No eating out but eating with the family and friends in your preferred premises with zero botheration about quality.

Our well-qualified staff, having vast and wide range of experience, prepare and serve food items of any type and cuisine, most deliciously as per your various requirements and according to your wide range of tastes.

We also arrange and decorate the dining tables and buffet counters in a very attractive manner. To add to your taste bud, we also arrange separate desert counters and salad counters.

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  • Fresh


    Breakfast Items

  • Delicious


    Sadya Items

  • Hot



  • Satisfied





  • Marriage Sadya

    Sharkkara varatti, Yettakkay upperi, Njalippuvan pazham, Parppadakam, Thayru mulaku, Inji, Naranga, Manga, Chammandhi, Kichadi vellarikka, Kichadi carrot/beetroot, Pavakka kichadi/ inji thairu, Pachadi(madhura curry), Theeyal, Thoran, Aviyal, Koottu curry(masala curry), Rice (chamba, white), Parippu, neyyu, Sambar, Ada pradaman, Kadala/gothambu/pazham/Pradhaman, Boli, Pal payasam, Pulisheri, Olan, Rasam, Pacha moru

  • Added Items

    Puvan pazham, Matti pazham, Kappa pazham, Unni appam, Parippu vada, Uzhunnu vada, Ellunda, Chena upperi, Pavakka upperi, Masala pappadam, Pakkavada, Mizhukkuvaratti, Edi chamandi, Veg: fish curry, Kadu manga, Veluthulli achar, Vella Naranga, Mulagu Achar, Mixed Achar, Kichadi Achar, Kichadi Vendakka, Kichadi Mathalam, Kichadi Nellikka, Kalan, Erisheri, Thairu(amul), Paper cup, Mineral water

  • Payasam

    Eendappazha Pradhaman, Karikku Pradhaman, Chakka Pradhaman, Kaithachakkam Pradhaman, Mambazha Pradhaman, Ambalappuzha Payasam, Palada Pradaman, Aravana Payasam

  • Welcome Drinks

    Ginger Lime, Mango Juice, Pinapple Juice, Grape Juice, Orange Juice, Rose Milk, Water Melon, Karikku Vellam, Fruit Punch

  • Maruveedu

    Murukku [5, 7, 9 piri], Kappa Pazham, Aluva [Rice, Maida], Boli, Ladu, Mysore pak, Jilebi, Poovan Pazham

  • Main Course

    Iddali (Doppi), Sambar, Chammandi, Uzhunnu vada, Kesari, Njalippuvan pazham, Pal payasam, Tea / Coffee

  • Our Specials

    Masala Dosa, Ghee Dosa, Sada Dosa, Appam, Idiyappam, Bhuri, Bhattura, Veg: biriyani, Sambar sadam, Curd sadam, Lemon rice

  • Curry Items

    Naadan stew, Veg: (Mixed) stew, Naadan kootu kari, Veg: kuruma, Bhuri Masala, Gopi manjuuriyan, Channa masala, Paneer butter masala

  • Snacks

    Thairu vada, Parippu vada, Rasa vada, Bajji, Veg: cutlette, Veg: samusa

  • Sweets

    Jilebi, Ledu, Mysoor pak, Boli, aluva, Kesari, Gulab jam, Carrot aluva

  • Other Items

    Chappathi, Barotta, Bhoori, Veg: Pulav, Veg: Fried Rice, Veg: Noodles, Paneer butter masala, Channa masala, Barotta, Alu gopi manjuri, Green piece masala, Soya beens masala fry, Bindi masala fry, Palak paneer, Chilly gopi, Navarathna kuruma

  • Main Course

    Veg: soup(Mixed), Mutton soup, Veg cutlite, Cutlite(Mutton, Chicken, Beef), Appam(Mutton stew), Ediyappam/ Veeshappam/ Pathiri/Uratti, Chappathi-Channa, Paneer,Takkali,Masala, Nan, Veg-pulavu, Veg-nudilse, Veg-Biriyani /Mutton/Chicken, Curd-rice, White rice, Lemon rice

  • Chicken

    Chicken masala, Chicken kuruma, Chicken chaps, Chicken malayi, Chicken stew, Chicken palak, Chicken fry, Chicken roast, Chilly chicken, Chicken ginger masala, Chicken kababu, Chicken curry

  • Mutton

    Mutton masala, Mutton kuruma, Mutton chaps, Mutton malayi, Mutton stew, Mutton palak, Mutton fry, Mutton roast, Chilly Mutton, Mutton ginger masala, Mutton kababu, Mutton curry

  • Beef

    Beef kuruma, Beef malayi, Beef chaps, Beef palak, Beef stew, Beef fry, Beef roast, Beef chilly, Beef ginger masala, Beef olathu

  • Others

    Biriyani, Green salad, Fruit salad, Curd salad, Hot Milk, Coffe/Tea

  • Evening Food (Live)

    Appam (Live), Ediyappam (Live), Veeshappam (Live), Ghee Dosa (Live), Masal Dosa (Live), Vellayappam (Live), Pathiri (Live), Chappathi (Live), Porotta (Live), Bhuri (Live), Bhattura (Live), Dosa (Live), Puttu (Live), Fried rice (Live)

  • Dessert

    Ice cream(cup) all flavour, Icecream (scoopy) all flavour, Icecream (cone) all flavour, Ice cream(Cassatta), Icecream with fruit salad, Icecream with gulab jam, Ice cream with carrot halva, Ice cream with Black forest, Ice cream with White forest

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